A simple product catalog application using Play and Scala

Tue, Jul 15, 2014

Play Programming #Play #scala

It’s been a while since I last wrote due to busy work schedule. I’ve decided to write a series about Play framework(http://www.playframework.com/) since I am working on a pet project using Play. I will write a simple product catalog application using Play and Scala.

Here is what I will be using:

– Play Framework version 2.3.1 as of today.


– Bootstrap 3.x

The tutorials will cover the following areas.

– Initial setup of Play Framework – /2014/07/16/product-catalog-application-using-play-and-scala-part-1-initial-setup/

– Introduction to Play Framework commands – /2014/07/17/product-catalog-application-using-play-and-scala-part-2-introduction-to-play-framework-commands/

– Database setup and access – /2014/07/21/product-catalog-application-using-play-and-scala-part-3-database-setup-and-access/

– Controller and route

– Views template and layout

– Form object and validation

– Image Upload function

– Image caching

– Serialize products list to JSON format

– Writing test case

– Wrap up

I think this pretty much everything I need for writing this application. Let me know if I missed anything.